These are links to local musicians, companies for the products that we carry, and websites that are just worth checking out.

NAPBIRT - National Association of Band Instrument Repair Technicians.  Kirkwood's Music and Repair is a proud member of this elite group of band instrument technicians.

Veritas Instrument Rentals - We are an affiliate in their rental program.  If you can't make it into the store, You can rent an instrument online.  We provide service for them in-store.

Ronald Sachs Violins - Kirkwood's has a wide selection of string instruments for the student, but if you want a professional instrument like a $50,000 cello, there is a wonderful store on the outskirts of Atlanta.  They also do appraisals so they are the people to see to smash your dreams about that Stradivarius violin you think you found because the sticker says so.

Chip McDonald - A well established musician and guitar teacher in Augusta, Georgia.  Got a question?  He probably knows the answer.